Disease Happenings - 2012

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April 2012

The Rapid Turf Diagnostic Service is going to Facebook. Jerry is working on a page that will be up soon.

Dr. Harmon is now on Twitter. He plans to start Tweeting disease happenings each week from the clinic as then happen, and both He and Jerry will update the Facebook page with what we are seeing accross the country. To follow Dr. Harmon (@TurfDrMan) follow the link below.


Phil Harmon

Dr. Phil Harmon
Turfgrass Pathologist and Extension Specialist with UF IFAS Department of Plant Pathology.
Phone: 352 273-4622
Email: pfharmon@ufl.edu
Twitter: @turfdrman

Prasert "Moo" Stavornvisit
Research Assistant and Ph.D. Graduate Student with UF IFAS Department of Plant Pathology Phone: 352 392-1795
Email: prasert@ufl.edu