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70% Extension, 25% Research, 5% Teaching

Research Responsibilities

My research area encompasses insect pest management and insect behavioral ecology on turfgrass, woody ornamentals, and shade trees in the urban landscape. Research interests include studying the biology of important pests (e.g., mole crickets, chinch bugs, white grubs, tree borers, and scale insects) and determining the most environmentally-responsible means for their management.

My program will also evaluate insecticides for commercial and/or homeowner use, as well as other biorational products or application methods.

Extension Responsibilities

  • Work with county and state faculty on interdisciplinary programs to educate the Green Industry
  • Develop in-service training for county faculty on the principles, technologies, and current research in landscape pest management, and assist with pesticide applicator training
  • Revise and write electronic (EDIS) and hardcopy publications for commercial and homeowner use

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Mentoring graduate students in my program, serving on other graduate student committees, and guest lecturing.
  • Co-developing distance education modules/courses on "Landscape IPM" and "Tree and Shrub Insects"


Paul Ruppert (biological scientist), James Nichols (OPS), Jose Aparicio (OPS)


Current graduate students

J. Cara Congdon (Ph.D.), Olga Kostromytska (M.S.), and Ta-i Huang (M.S.)

Current Doctor of Plant Medicine students

Mary Sullivan, Megan Gilbert


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